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Our Premise and Promise

ServicebyStudent is an innovative service-on-demand mobile platform. Our mission is to enable students and apprentices to earn income, and help everyone else save money on wide variety of services. By joining our platform, students and apprentices everywhere can make money and determine their schedule, where they work and how much they charge. As importantly, all individuals, homeowners and businesses can find, book and pay local students on the app to do virtually any task.

ServicebyStudent: on-demand. by students. for everyone. Join us today.

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ServicebyStudent is for Everyone

ServicebyStudent is real-time booking app for services. It is the best way to find, book appointments and connect instantly with service providers. Get the job done at reasonable cost and employ local student(s).

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ServicebyStudent is for Students

Make money when you want, where you want and how much you want. Download the app, determine the service you can/want to provide and get busy. You are truly a free agent. We handle all the headaches.

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ServicebyStudent Means Efficiency

ServicebyStudent is a real-time booking app for service providers and clients. It is the new way to search, find, book appointments and connect instantly.

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